About Us

Welcome to A1 Savannahs

A1 Savannahs is renowned for being the world’s preeminent breeder of Savannah Cats. In fact, after visiting our business, the FCF board declared us as being a first class operation, thanks to our facility management and our unimpeachable breeding practices.  Our cattery is fully licensed by the USDA, and we are registered with TICA.  Additionally, we are an accredited business with the Feline Conservation Federation.

A1 Savannahs was founded by Joyce Sroufe during the late 1980s.  Originally known as New Horizon Bengals, Joyce was able to register her first official litter in 1994.   Today, Joyce is known by many owners and breeders as being the creator of the Savannah Cat breed.  She has an unrivaled level expertise about breeding Savannah cats, as well as how to care for and socialize them.

We have helped numerous cat lovers find the perfect exotic pet for their needs, and we would love to help you as well!

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A1 Savannahs worldwide

If you are looking to start your own exotic cat-breeding program, then you have come to the right place.  A1 Savannahs has helped a myriad of new breeders create a respectable program, providing numerous tips that can help lead to success.  We will show you how to achieve the breeding results you desire, how to create the right environment for your cats, and on how to provide optimal care to your kittens.  Perhaps most importantly, we will also explain the steps you should take to ensure your kittens go to decent and responsible owners.

We have expanded our business, allowing customers to have access to Savannah kittens for sale throughout Europe.  A1 Savannahs works closely with our associate and friend Pascal Gilli in Switzerland, and thanks to his services, we can now sell cats from Switzerland to other places in Europe.

Our achievements

A1 Savannahs has accomplished several impressive feats throughout our history, including owning the distinct notion of being the first Savannah cattery in the world.  What’s more, our cattery was the first to breed later generations, which allowed us to produce the first fertile Savannah males.

Other accomplishments we are known for include the fact we were the first Savannah cattery to expand our services to other continents, and we were the first cattery to breed Savannah cats that were SBT registered.  The significance of this feat is that SBT registered Savannahs are guaranteed to be purebred.

Another noteworthy achievement of A1 Savannahs is that we have an interesting connection to the Guinness Book of World Records.  Specifically, we hold the distinction of being the first Savannah cattery to breed the world’s tallest living domestic cat, as recorded by the famous book.

Ultimately, our number one goal is to breed Savannah cats that are healthy and closely resemble the African serval.  Despite that goal, we also make certain our cats are friendly, tamed and well-trained.  To learn more about how we can provide your home with a unique pet, please contact us. 

Kittens and lifestyle

One of the many things that separates our kittens from others is the fact that we guarantee all of our exotic kittens come from either Serval x Savannah or Savannah x Savannah parents.  Each generation of litters we produce will be comprised of well-socialized kittens that have a wonderful temperament.   Also, we provide our cats with access to a secure outdoor environment that replicates their natural surroundings.  This provides the cats with a place to run, hide and climb.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  One of our dedicated and expert staff members can help you find a kitten that meets your specific needs, and one that will fit in seamlessly as either your new pet, breeding animal or show cat.  We have associates on staff that can speak German, French and English, so please don’t hesitate to call or email us.